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I’m an Author and Transformation Coach empowering people to align with true purpose & live in vitality.


Everything I do is about empowering you to claim the life you want to live. Claim your most dreamed-of agency, support, health, vibrant energy, relationships, career, lifestyle. Embody your principles and desires. By doing so you inspire others to raise their game too. 


It starts with you and want you truly want. The work is then in freeing yourself of the limits to living your intention - whatever the limit may be - physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, economic, social. 


I’m here to support your transformation into your most Essential Self. 


I’ve walked this path and still do. Mental and physical illness almost finished my story, but I discovered a route through the seemingly insurmountable challenges and bring my experience and deep empathy for the hardship of limitation to you. 


Let’s walk the path together. 

When we work together, I donate to Ecologi, planting trees and supporting ecological regeneration. See the forest we are growing here

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How I Can Help You

  • Overcome limitations to make lasting change and live with passion!

    1 hr

    98 British pounds
  • We are here to shine. Release limitations to live your dreams.

    1 hr

    98 British pounds
  • Get support with the recovery program and move into deep healing

    1 hr

    98 British pounds