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Group coaching Sessions

"Jen is a wonderful, insightful and empathetic coach, and I just love working with her! She has helped me enormously on my recovery journey from chronic fatigue syndrome and I am hugely grateful. The work we do in 121 sessions is never easy but ultimately I always leave feeling refreshed and renewed. Each session with Jen, whether 121 or in a group, is an absolute privilege and I am so glad I found her!" 


Group coaching Sessions

"The group sessions with Jen have been amazing, she held such a safe and comfortable space for us all. For anyone feeling stuck in their retraining or needing a commitment boost, Jen gives you so many powerful insights and techniques that allow you to explore yourself and your parts on a deeper level and open up new conversations and paths for healing."


Group coaching Sessions

"I attended several of Jen Evan's group counselling sessions from December 2020 to December 2021.  Jen consistently brought excellence and creativity to each session.  I couldn't have been more pleased.  I always felt like I left each session feeling enriched with new knowledge and tools to help me become healthier and more true to myself.  Jen has a passion for this work, and she has a heart for helping others."  

Susan s.

Group coaching Sessions


This course has been so beneficial. Jen brought so much light to beliefs and habits I didn’t even know I had. The awareness alone has allowed me to bring curiosity to what is happening, and why. That, in and of itself, has been so impactful, and allowed me to release and/or work with beliefs and habits that are no longer serving me.


That, in addition to Jen’s gentle and impactful method and wisdom, is a winning combination. This course helped me heal and release blocks, and as a result, improve my retraining. I am so grateful for it. Thank you, Jen.

Group coaching Sessions


"I've just completed Jen Evans' 6 week group coaching course and I found it very beneficial. First of all, Jen has a great way of explaining each topic we covered clearly and it often felt she really 'got me'. She gave examples from her own healing journey and it was all really relatable. She delivered each session in a gentle way, allowing for everyone to go at their own pace, with no pressure and much of what she talked about, I found inspiring.


The sessions have helped me to consider some of the blocks I've been having and approach my healing journey in a new way. I am now feeling calmer and like I've got a clearer direction for my way forward on my next steps towards health. I also enjoyed hearing others share their experiences, which sometimes highlighted things I hadn't even thought of.


I would strongly recommend Jen's course for anyone looking to move forward with their healing, she's such a great coach and her course is so accessible, inspiring and helpful. Thanks so much Jen!"

Group coaching Sessions


“Thank you so much Jen for the group coaching course. I genuinely felt that I "levelled" up in multiple ways in my recovery, and I strongly recommend it to anyone who is struggling with their recovery. I have some more complex mental health issues that I feel have contributed to a plateau in my recovery. During the group course, I gained useful skills in: 

- Identifying and making a simple, powerful daily commitment to do the most important thing. This really helped me get through a 'block' I was in at the time. 

- Realising I have some blocks to recovery and those are making it harder for me to change. Jen shared a lot of really helpful context and guided self-reflection to help me make progress on those. 

- She also had some really good visualisations for working with "parts" that I found surprisingly helpful. I normally struggle with visualisations, but a few of them were very powerful for me. 


Jen covered a lot more in addition to these topics, so I feel sure that most people would find a lot to value in this course.“ 

Group coaching Sessions

“This group course gives a different approach to the Gupta-program but is still deeply rooted in the original Gupta-program. I had been doing the Gupta-program for several years and had gotten a bit stuck with it.


This program gave me a nice way to get back on the road to recovery. I liked it that it is once in every two weeks. And it is really nice that it is a group course, that there are other people there.”


Group coaching Sessions


“Jen’s preparation and presence for and during the groups felt very apparent and conveyed a strong sense of being held, respected and lovingly considered.


It has benefitted my personal practice of meditation and my rounds in various ways. The level of inquiry and resultant reflection has helped my Gupta rounds to evolve in an organic and positive way making them more enjoyable and personal.


She has a quiet quality of wisdom and such a sense of knowing where to take questions and sharing in ways that deepen the group experience. I highly recommend being in one of her groups and hope to do another in the future!” 

Group coaching Sessions

“Jen has a great deal of knowledge and experience in Parts work. I feel very safe working under her expert guidance. Its reassuring to do the work with a group of like minded people and inspiring to see their journeys and relate them to my own.


Previously I have been reluctant to do parts work but I found my confidence growing week by week as Jen introduced new aspects of the work. The exercises are very accessible and straightforward so I was able to engage in them and develop my skills. I thoroughly recommend working with Jen.”


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