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Retraining the safety seeker workshop


"I was glad to find a workshop that was specifically about retraining the safety part. This part of me has been hypervigilant for many years, if not my whole life, having never felt a sense of safety. This part of me cannot be talked out of fear.

I worried that I would never be able to soothe this part of me. Jen gave us the understanding and taught us the techniques to begin to soothe this part and I've already incorporated them into my day.


I found Jen to be a really knowledgeable coach, the workshop was really informative. I was worried about being overwhelmed by the workshop but we took regular breaks, I'm so glad I took part. I'll definitely be signing up to Jen's other workshops."

Retraining the safety seeker workshop


“This was my second webinar with Jenn over the last few months.  Her commitment to teach people how to heal and empower themselves is evident throughout her thoughtful and well planned webinar. 


What is especially impressive and commendable is that she takes the time to provide in depth answers to the questions time didn’t allow her to cover during the webinar. “

Retraining the safety seeker workshop


“I recently participated in Jen's workshop addressing the Safety Seeker part that exists within many of us. The experience was mind-expanding and very insightful. I had numerous bolts of insight as Jen explained why the Safety Seeker does what it does, and why it can be difficult to work with this part at a mental or cognitive level. I hadn't been making progress on my healing (or at least not as much as possible) because I was still trying to soothe and talk to this part from a purely cognitive level, trying to convince it that it is safe now. I now understand so much better how to access and comfort this part of me, which has been extremely active and hypervigilant for most of my life.


As the workshop progressed and Jen led us through new ideas and exercises (at least new to me!), I could feel myself feeling intense relief and renewed hope for my healing. I've since incorporated Jen's suggestions into my daily routine and they are making a huge difference. I was also able to give Jen's information from the workshop (which she generously shared) to my husband, who now also better understands how to help me help myself throughout the healing process. I couldn't be more grateful!”

Retraining the safety seeker workshop


“I found this workshop incredibly helpful. I’ve been struggling with hyper-vigilance since a young age and I’ve never really found a way to reduce it.


Jen helped me see that there is a solution and I finished the workshop feeling incredibly positive about the future. Jen not only gave us loads of practical tools that are easy to implement, but she explained why they work and so I left feeling very confident that (combined with the Gupta program) this is the way forward to health and happiness.


I’ve been using the tools for a few weeks now and I’ve already seen a significant reduction in my anxiety. For anyone who struggles with hyper-vigilance, I’d recommend this workshop. Thank you so much Jen!”

Retraining the people pleaser workshop

“This was a wonderful workshop. Jennifer Evans made it so accessible and easy to understand. i learnt so much in such a short time. I am so very grateful, it  was life changing , thank you so much :)”


Setting Boundaries workshop


"You always create such a calm and safe space for dealing with difficult personal challenges, and I appreciate your openness about having dealt with these issues yourself - it adds such authenticity to your coaching.


The format was well paced, and the overall message of the session was really informative and empowering. I love the sharing time too - both for hearing other people speak about their challenges, and also listening to your insight, which is always so perceptive and encouraging. I've definitely come away feeling like I have the power to change things for the better, even if there are challenges along the way!"  

releasing Overwhelm workshop


"I initially thought that group coaching wasn’t for me, but the sessions with Jen showed me how wrong I was. Jen provides a safe, calm space for growth, and her knowledge and experience allows me to empower myself and grow.


The group coachings/workshops I’ve attended with Jen has made an incredible difference for me. I have made profound discoveries in every session,  with Jen gently leading me on the path to health and happiness. I feel great after every attendance, and gives me a great boost to continue working with myself. I can not recommend Jen’s group coaches and workshops enough, they have been very important for me, giving me the tools and knowledge I need to move forward." 

working with our perfectionist workshop


"This course was very nice and to the point for me.


The lecture, communication and techniques for handle and integrate the learnings was very great..


I recommend this course!"

working with our perfectionist workshop




I'm not a natural when it comes to parts work, but thanks to this workshop I now really believe I can find a dear friend and collaborator in my Perfectionist part. I actually feel love for him (it's a "him", not a "her", for some reason 🙃).


I will listen to the recording again, I was so taken by certain things, that I must have missed others... You spoke so respectfully and beautifully about everything - a special thanks for that! …”

Multiple workshops


"I’ve done two workshops now with Jen Evans, and both have led me to some huge mindset shifts. Jen has a way of getting you to see something from an ever so slightly different angle. It seems so subtle when she is guiding you through it, but you soon realize that this new perspective is allowing you to look at yourself and the illness in a completely new way.


Since working with Jen, my nervous system has calmed down considerably and allowed me to find energy resources that I didn’t know I had! I would recommend Jen’s workshops to anyone who feels stuck or needs help moving forward with their recovery."

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