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taster group session

"Your hour of wisdom brought more epiphanies than I could ever have imagined possible in the following days. It has, simply put, transferred me to another plane.


So many nuggets of truth were presented that I go back again and again to my notes on the session.” 


taster group session


"I found it (the taster) very helpful, particularly the five questions and the time you gave us to think about them. Two of my answers were very revealing to me.


Due to tiredness I watched on two days, so I really appreciated the availability of the recording. The guided ART was powerful and emotive. A lot to experience and to think about.


I really value the fact that you facilitate us to find our own answers from within our own wisdom. You have a great skill.”

taster group session


"Wanted to thank you for the taster session, as it really opened up my eyes/mind into how to do the 7 steps.  Basically before, it was  in black and white and flat, and now in colour with emotion. 


Having not achieved any heartfelt rounds of the 7 steps before and it seemed so mechanical, today I did 4 rounds one after the other, and each time on a different thing and dealing with a different part...Thank you again.”

taster group session


“I really loved Jens taster session. The questions she asked really made me understand things on a deeper level and help me integrate difficult parts into the retraining.


I thought I knew myself after years of therapy so it was quite a surprise that I found new answers in the questions Jen suggested us to ask our part.”

taster group session


“I was immediately drawn to Jen's energy when I first watched her testimonial on the Gupta Program website. She spoke with such wisdom, depth, and vulnerability. I knew that I had to work with her at some point, so I jumped at the opportunity to participate in a group event she was hosting.


This group focused on "mining the shadow parts" so it taught us how to identify, uncover, and work with our subpersonalities, particularly ones that get in the way of retraining and healing. The group structure flowed really well, with plenty of time to learn, to share our experiences, and to actually work with a specific shadow part.


Jen's expert, compassionate guidance enabled me to have a huge breakthrough during the event, which I was not expecting. I've been integrating the new insights and continuing to work with my shadow parts in a powerful way since then. I'm looking forward to working with Jen 1:1 and participating in future groups. I highly recommend her as a coach and guide!”

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