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EFT testimonial

Liz T, USA

"Jen is a joy to work with. She starts exactly where you are and at your comfort level and then gently guides you to go as deep as you are ready to go. She has guided me deep into issues that I wasn’t aware were connected and had never before explored. 


Not only is Jen very supportive during each session, she is available between sessions if questions or issues arise. At the end of my EFT sessions I feel empowered to move forward. 


You are in good hands with Jen. She is an intuitive, skilled and gifted practitioner."

Gupta Program Coaching + EFT

Elanor E, UK

"I’ve been working with Jen for a couple of years now, having approached her initially for Gupta Coaching for M.E./C.F.S. My journey has been a complicated one, with many layers needing peeling back and clearing/healing, including deep and complex trauma/cPTSD. 


When I began sessions with Jen I had already tried a lot of other methods and done a lot of inner work alone. All of this had been very helpful, but there were still more layers and I was finding it difficult to shift things further on my own. 


Jen’s method of working was immediately helpful and I found it enabled me to go very deep with things. Each session helps me shift something significant and after most sessions I feel that what I had brought to work with has completely cleared and I feel noticeably better immediately.


It is sometimes demoralising needing to work long-term on things, but Jen’s consistent encouragement and enthusiasm that I can get to the bottom of things and see the improvement in my health and energy that I’m looking for have helped to keep re-inspiring me that I will get there. 


When I look back to two years ago, when we started, I can clearly see huge changes and many things that were real problems for me at that point I just don’t experience any more. 


I really appreciate Jen’s clear and compassionate style, balancing intellect and understanding with intuition and emotional intelligence and am grateful for how much our sessions have helped me."


Gerianne Carillo, USA

"I was diagnosed with ME/CFS in 1995, beginning a cascade of diagnoses as doctors attempted to explain my sudden physical changes.  I went through years of treatments, procedures, even surgeries, and spent tens of thousands of dollars, with little improvement in my health.  Being a western practitioner (Physical Therapist) myself, I focused on western interventions (that’s what I knew!), and my belief was in what they could do for me - in effect, giving up my own power. 


From the day I was diagnosed, I knew I could heal.  Though, after years of trying, searching desperately for answers, I began to lose faith in my own body.  My recovery felt like a roller coaster. After 22 years of illness, I was at 5% health, homebound, and struggling with severe anxiety.  It was then that I was divinely led to the Gupta Program.  Through dedication to that program and use of its tools I began to understand myself, and I could feel a foundation forming beneath me.  I felt supported, held.


I’ve worked with several coaches on my healing journey.  I was introduced to Jen Evans through the Women’s Wellness Council, and I felt her wellness journey closely paralleled mine in many ways.  I felt the unique depth of her own search and journey in her sharings, and I knew that she could offer tools that would point me toward the depth of healing I desired.


Jen’s initial interview was very thorough and, from there she was easily able to dive right in, find my hidden issues and boost me forward on my healing journey.  In a short few visits I was well on my way!


Together, Jen and I traversed through several of my childhood experiences, and from her I’ve acquired tools that taught me how to love myself deeply; how to nurture my parts, regardless of their age or degree of trauma; how to inquire and listen to parts and give them what they need; and more.  I’ve learned a unique and nourishing self-love that has brought me deep and lasting healing.  Through Jen’s guidance, I began to have memories and intuitions about my very early years for the first time.  


Jen’s expertise in her use of unique healing modalities, including EFT, Matrix Reimprinting and more, has helped me to see and utilize an amazing new world of healing techniques.  Jen used several different modalities with me, which gently guided me through some tender memories and fears.  Through this work, I developed a trusting relationship with my parts and began to integrate them, a process I had only heard referred to prior to working with Jen.  Our work together has been exciting for me, and has laid a solid foundation for my journey to complete health. 


Through my work with Jen I feel that I have stepped into my power!  Rather than hoping for another to provide answers, I am confident looking within for guidance on my healing path.  I can’t imagine a greater gift than that. 


Working with a coach has been my compass, a key part of my wellness journey.  I highly recommend the use of a coach for those who want to make the most of their healing journey.  Jen Evans is one of the best:  she has vast knowledge and personal experience, and is able to facilitate healing in a well focused, yet gentle and empathic, way.  I highly recommend Jen as a healing coach!"


Abby W, UK

"I came to Jen with 10 years of familiarity of this world & the healing process set in motion. However, it is also my most potent & crucial period. Despite a lot to heal & freedom to find, I do feel life-enriched & trusting of how it is all unfolding. Yet here is where I find my most erratic period, overwhelmed when all is rearing its head! & I believe I was given the PERFECT guide for this stage in the form of Jen. 


Having a good coach feels like having a Midwife only they are assisting YOU on your REBIRTH. It's you, walking your path & they're alongside, parallel. Jen walks parallel not solely because she allows & entrusts my own ability & intuition, PARALLEL too, because she comes from a similar recovery, she SEES & FEELS & holds great COMPASSION from her own experience. It's easy for that reason. Long may you walk parallel paths with others Jen."

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