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Yachts in th Ocean

What people say

Hear first-hand what people have to say about working with me


1-1 coaching & EFT

"Jen is a joy to work with. She starts exactly where you are and at your comfort level and then gently guides you to go as deep as you are ready to go..." Read on...


"Jen's masterful coaching opens safe space for healing breakthroughs. Her approach to guiding healing nourishes my soul, my body, my mind, and my energy." Read more...


Gupta Program Group Coaching

"Jen is a wonderful, insightful and empathetic coach, and I just love working with her! She has helped me enormously on my recovery journey..." Read more...

taster sessions

"Your hour of wisdom brought more epiphanies than I could ever have imagined possible in the following days. It has, simply put, transferred me to another plane." Read on... 

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