What to expect

What happens during a session?
Even though every session is different - tailored to your own specifics needs and goals - it can be daunting starting something new, so here is a brief description of what to expect during an EFT session

Prior to the session you will be provided with:


  • our client-practitioner agreement (to be returned before the 1st session)

  • payment instructions

  • a link to the online session via Zoom/ Skype

  • (Package-clients only) a hand-printed journal to record your thoughts and progress

A basic outline of what could happen during a session:

  • sessions usually last an hour, unless otherwise arranged (shorter sessions available for those unable to undertake longer sessions)

  • we will settle into the session with a short mindful practice

  • I will explain how we tap together and demonstrate the practice 

  • we talk briefly about a presenting issue (e.g. a negative emotion, a situation at work, a phobia, a physical pain or illness, a troubling memory, general feeling of not being ok etc) 

  • we discuss your goal - what would you rather feel/ how would you rather be living? 

  • we tap together on the presenting issue. It is fully guided by me and you can ask questions at any time

  • after the session I would recommend some time to integrate the session and rest, and to maintain hydration

  • I usually follow up the session a few days later with an email to see if you have any feedback or questions

Further sessions may be booked at your own discretion


I do try to be as flexible as possible to accommodate your schedule and budget - for long-term support with EFT and Coaching, please do contact me to create a bespoke support package just for you

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