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Releasing Overwhelm: How to Reclaim Ease

Gain wisdom + techniques to practically + emotionally reduce overwhelm

  • Starts 12 Oct
  • 45 British pounds
  • Online

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Overwhelm and anxiety may be familiar feelings through life. When chronic illness, global instability and seasonal pressures come along too, those feelings can intensify. - How can I ever do enough when I am so exhausted and in pain? - How can I keep up with all of the healing techniques? - If I don't do enough or do them perfectly then they won't work - Nothing ever works, what if I'm like this forever? Are any of these feelings familiar? Feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, dread, defeat - these are all normal feelings. They come along to help us to survive and get our needs met. But as with all emotions, which are energy in motion, they are designed to come along and keep moving, giving us the opportunity to learn from them and make the changes that we need to release them. However, we can become conditioned to over-protect ourselves and instead of learning from emotions, we hold on to them, buy into their worries and stay stuck in the negative protective emotions without changing anything. This is your opportunity to break the cycle of overwhelm and all that comes with it. In this instructive 1.5 hour workshop we will discuss some of the root causes of overwhelm, how it affects us and why we have not been able to release it before. We will look at the practical techniques and wise updates that our overwhelmed parts need, and how to commit to simple yet powerful practices to retrain the brain to release overwhelm and move into healing, peace and re-engaging with joy. This workshop covers: * Why we experience overwhelm * Can we ever do enough? A discussion on where our sense of safety and worth come from * Practical techniques to reduce and release overwhelm * Creating a routine that supports you in the most powerful way possible * Implementing your non-negotiables During these workshops you will: * Gain knowledge about where overwhelm comes from and how the body responds * Claim the wisdom that your overwhelmed parts need to be updated with * Create the personalized routine that supports your health, wellbeing and happiness in the most powerful ways possible * Connect with others on a healing journey to share insight, knowledge and support **NB If you can not attend the workshop, you can purchase the recording and accompanying materials and watch in your own time. Please note the workshop is non-refundable and non-transferable. If you have any questions, please do email

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