Jen Evans

Accredited EFT Practitioner + Wellness Coach

I am an Accredited Certified EFT Practitioner with EFT International and hold current practitioner insurances.

I am also a Matrix Reimprinting 

Practitioner, and a Level 2 Certified Gupta Program Coach, supporting others with chronic illness to find relief and recovery from long term dis-ease.


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I grew up in an unstable household, with big dreams of escaping to become a writer, a filmmaker, the first female winner of the Tour de France! After graduating Cambridge University in 2003, I found myself crushed by self-doubt, anxiety and depression, and lived a quiet life, dreaming of escape and a healthy, fulfilling life. 

At age 30, life-long digestive issues and fatigue turned into Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS, also known as M.E.) and life stopped. Years of exploring every medical treatment and diet left me drained, financially ruined and no better. I’d given up.


But a chance glance at a social media article led me to the Gupta Programme, a self-help recovery programme led by a previous CFS sufferer, which started my healing journey. 


The path wasn’t smooth, but committing to the recovery and exploring the power and relief of healing practices like Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Matrix-Reimprinting, Energy Medicine, and yoga worked alongside the Programme, freeing me from the debilitating symptoms, and I created a new perspective in life that gives me real joy, fulfilment and purpose. 


This integrated approach to self-care and recovery from physical and emotional dis-ease is an holistic approach that I now advocate in my practice, supporting our mind, body and spirit in the ways we intuitively feel we need to. 


In my recovery journey I also found a new calling in life, and retrained as an EFT Practitioner, supporting others on their path to healthier and happier living.

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