Is it for


Honestly, I don't know. 

I can't guarantee results, but I absolutely can guarantee 100% commitment to creating a safe, nurturing environment for you to explore your potential 

The world is full of promises and offers of miraculous recoveries, weight loss wonders, unbelievable transformations, winning at everything.


Is EFT with me going to absolutely, definitely, without doubt change my life? 

And the honest truth is, I don't know.


I think it's got a great shot, I believe it can be applied to almost any kind of dis-ease in life, and the research base on its efficacy is growing constantly. 

I think it all depends on where you are on your journey right now, what you are ready for, your outlook, and what you need at this very moment. Even things that we think we are open to sometimes create resistance in us. That's ok, it's where we are right now. 

EFT can help to move past these kinds of blocks, but I just want to be very clear, I am not promising an immediate miracle.


EFT does always seem to help calm the nervous system and bring calm and perspective, so whatever the result, it is usually beneficial. Some people find relief from years, even a lifetime, of pain or trauma from just one session; for others it takes many sessions.

Whatever you need to achieve your goals, we can work it out. 

If you are ready to try it, if you are open to it and willing to take a chance, be open and brave.... well, that's the best starting point. And from there, the journey will take you where you need to go. 

What I can guarantee is that I will give 100% support, guidance and energy to you. I will meet you exactly where you are right now in your journey and we can work out the way forward together in a nurturing, safe, professional environment. 

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